About Me

Luis F. López

My name is Luis F. Lopez. I was born in Madrid in 1976 and I have always felt fascination for art and the wild nature of the world.

Drawing and illustration were part of my youth and adolescence. I have my first contact with photography with an old shoebox filled with my grandparents´ memories. Those black and white images caught my attention for hours.

In 2002 I knew the illustrator Mónica Armiño and my life changed. I learnt other artistic disciplines, including analogue photography. I was interested in history of art and discovered artists as Waterhouse, Zobel, Mucha, John Martin, Turner,… and great photographers as Henri Cartier-Bresson, A. Leibovitz, E. Recuenco, G. Crewdson, Fernando Manso,… All these artists, along with my film passion, will have an important influence in my photography.

The need to capture the moment and convey my feelings through images lead me to begin my training in digital photography and its processing. I bought my first SLR digital in 2008. Since that moment I have not stopped learning…